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AtoZ Financials, LLC

Always Looking Forward

12/12/2012 – AtoZ Financials

AtoZ Financials Announces Launch of

GreenleafLoans.comAtoZ Financials announces launch of, a new website today. AtoZ Financials is the parent company to Green Leaf Loan Group.

Greenleaf Loans will focus on short-term financing and offer competitive loan amounts between $100 and$1,000. The new website was created to assist AtoZ Financials and Green Leaf Loan Group with continuing to tap into what AtoZ’s president currently classifies as an “improperly and under-served cash advance market.”

Introducing the Greenleaf Cash Before Payday Loan

Their new cash advance service, the Greenleaf Cash Before Payday Loan, the company believes, will become its new “shining star.” The Greenleaf Cash Before Payday Loan is a cash advance in anticipation of a borrower’s next pay check. Once the borrower gets their check directly deposited into their account the Cash Before Payday Loan will be automatically drafted from the borrowers checking account, which makes the repayment process automatic and keeps the borrower from having to ever worry about being late in repaying their loan. Greenleaf Loans, unlike other cash advance services, does not perform credit checks with the 3 major credit bureaus when getting a borrower approved and there is usually no faxing required when getting the loan either. Instead of filling out traditional paper applications and waiting days to get approved, borrowers will fill out a standard or mobile online application that only takes a few minutes to complete and then the borrower waits online for 90 seconds (or less) for the loan to be approved. All processing is done online while the loan applicant waits. Quick and easy-to-use online applications are one of AtoZ Financials’ “it” factors. The “quickness” and “easiness” of their services continues to set them apart from their competition.

What Other Services Greenleaf Loans’ Will Provide

Greenleaf 1 Hour Loans: For a slightly larger fee, borrowers can expect to be fully approved for the loan within 1 hour and have the cash transferred to their bank accounts. The borrower should receive the cash the same day as they apply when applying before close of business (5 pm est).

Greenleaf Installment Loans: With an installment loan, borrowers can lower their payments and pay back the loan over a longer stretch of time. This is convenient for those that usually need a larger loan or just more time to pay back the loan.

Greenleaf Line of Credit Loans: A line of credit loan is a pre-established amount of credit extended to the borrower. The borrower can draw against the line of credit as needed. This loan also allows the borrower to re-borrow any amounts that have been paid on the loan making it an open-end line of credit.

Greenleaf Loans Website is Safe and Secure

Greenleaf Loans’ website boasts a 256 bit encryption service. Their top priority is to maintain the privacy of their clients. They pride themselves on their ability to keep all of their applicant’s personal information safe, secure, and confidential.

Parent company AtoZ Financials hopes the launch of Greenleaf Loan’s new website will prove just as successful as the rest of their subsidiary websites.

Where Will Borrowers Find Greenleaf Loans?

Borrowers looking for the types of loans explained above will find Greenleaf Loans under the URL and find that Greenleaf loan lenders are available 24/7 to approve their loan.

by “Ray West


IRS dates and deadlines: it may take longer to receive your money than you think

1 hour tax refund advance loanTax season is almost here. And if you’re anticipating a check back from the government, it’s a happy time. Many people eagerly file their taxes as soon as they receive their W2 forms in the mail. A lot of them think they’ll get their money faster if they submit their return as quickly as they can.

This just isn’t true.

The IRS is the government. And the government is slow. The government doesn’t have competition, so they have no desire or motivation to get your money into your hands today. Most Americans know that taxes are due on or before April 15, 2013. However there are a few other deadlines that can affect how fast you receive your return.

On January 17, 2013, the IRS begins accepting electronically filed tax returns.

January 31, 2013 is the last day your employer has to send you your W2 information.

How Soon Will I get My Refund

You can’t file for your refund until you get your W2 in the mail. Then, after you finally receive your W2 and file it yourself, you still have to wait an additional 2 weeks (or more). According to the IRS’s website, they “do not track refunds that are claimed on amended tax returns. Amended/corrected returns may take 8 to 12 weeks, or longer, to process.” If there is a mistake on your tax return, you could wait months.

eTax Loan Can Get Your Tax Refund to You Fast knows many Americans can’t wait that long to get their money. People depend on their tax return money to pay down debt, to travel, to buy things they need now.’s 1 Hour Tax Refund Advance Loan doesn’t make you wait. We can get you your highly anticipated return in ONE HOUR. Our 1 Hour Tax Refund Advance Loan requires no faxing and no credit checks. With us, bad credit is always okay.

As long as you are employed, make over $800 a month, and you expect a return back from the government, we can help you get cash in 1 hour. You don’t need to file your taxes before you apply.’s select group of lenders are waiting to help you today.

Don’t wait until late February or March to get your money from the IRS. Apply online with today!

by “Ray West



AtoZ Financials Launches

Cash Advance OfferAtoZ Financials, parent company of, launches a new website today entitled in order to capture a new area of the Cash Advance Offer market. When applying for a cash advance the potential borrower should receive a cash advance offer within 90 seconds of submitting their application. AtoZ seemed very pleased with the reception of the new site and the excitement generated by expanding on their foray into income tax loans. focuses on Select Services focuses on providing several select cash advance services:

AtoZ Financials is pleased to be able to offer these select services through its new web property.

Cash Advance Offer

Using the new website,, allows potential borrowers to get a Cash Advance Offer by applying through it’s standard or mobile loan application. Borrowers can apply 100% online, get an instant approval and be funded for a loan quickly.

As with all current and future websites developed by AtoZ Financials, will provide a Safe and Secure Process, Quick Online Approval, No Credit Required and a Fast and Easy Cash Deposit. All applications are secured by 256 bit encryption in order to keep applicants data safe and secure.

Loan Advance Offers are provided for the purpose of assisting borrowers with short term financing to resolve immediate cash needs and should not be considered a long term solution.

No Credit Check and No Faxing

VP of Operations, Teri West, stated that “no credit check cash advances” and “no faxing cash advances” will continue to be something we focus on to provide faster loan approval and faster funding no matter the loan service selected by the borrower.

AtoZ Financials launches in hopes it is as successful as all previous website launches.

by “Ray West


Social Media Advertising

Why AtoZ Financials?

We create original blog posts that are specifically designed for your company and your industry. By providing content driven SEO you will see a strong, stable, and consistent rise in your page rank.

Using targeted keywords of your choosing, we slowly incorporate them into your blog posts. These keywords combined with internal linking throughout your website will help the search engine robots easily navigate your domain.

We provide an SEO service that is second to none. We review your website and make suggested changes to improve your websites SEO immediately.

Social Media Advertising; We setup and operate a facebook page, twitter page (provide minimum of 10 tweets per day), 4 square page, google maps setup and more.

We are partnered with a lead provider to offer a leads service for garnering you immediate new business through Google Lead Services. Read more about leads and lead services on their blog About Lead Services.

Industries Served

Google Lead ServicesAutomotive
Men & Womens Clothing
Payday Loans
Physical Fitness
Real Estate
Search Engine Optimization
And Many More…

That’s Why Others Choose AtoZ Financial


trendy flexible and admiredAtoZ Financials is a dominant, admired and trendy company who is always looking forward, but that is not why companies use and admire us.  No, we are used and admired because we know how to promote businesses online. We provide the most advanced seo, marketing and advertising services available  to companies that want/need a dominant position in the online world.

When using AtoZ Financials, getting you on page one (1) of the search engines, marketing, advertising and promoting your products and/or services will be more than an optimum goal, it’s what we’ll do! 

The average lifespan of a major corporation isn’t very long. If current trends hold, only one-quarter of today’s S&P 500 companies will be part of the index by 2025, and the other three-quarters probably don’t even exist yet.

In today’s turbulent markets, companies that were once dominant are struggling to survive, and managers are constantly probing to understand what makes the difference between success and failure. Looking at today’s companies, for example, we might ask why the market capitalization of Southwest Airlines is greater than that of United, American, Delta, and Northwest Airlines combined? Why is GM’s Saturn subsidiary successful while its Oldsmobile unit is being put out of business? Why are Apple, Fedex, Charles Schwab, and Home Depot widely admired while Webvan, AtHome and Netscape are gone, and Enron, WorldCom, Xerox and apparently quite a few others resorted to falsified accounting to preserve the illusion of success when failure loomed?

dominant admired trendyThere’s a story behind each of these business successes and business failures. Sometimes it’s a story of a great idea; sometimes it’s one that failed. Sometimes it’s a story of insightful management, or management that failed. But almost always it’s a story about change. Change in the market; change in the economy; change in a particular product or service that transformed a failure into a success, or vice versa. They may have lacked the foresight to keep up with changes in technology or thrived because of it.

Is your search engine optimization (seo), online marketing and advertising keeping up with your compititions? Get into the dominant position you seek.

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